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The mission of CVRRUSA's roadmap is to present a successful alternative to the  still used traditional outdated lipid panel already replaced today by the more knowledgeable with the advanced lipoprotein blood and genetic testing and to introduce the cutting edge Cardiovascular risk factor reduction therapy, thereby arresting and reversing atherosclerosis. The employment of these latest regimens are 90 percent effective at alleviating the mortality, morbidity, complications and financial burden of atherosclerosis around the United States,

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA is your leader in cardiovascular risk reduction has had considerable individual success with those intensely interested in their cardiovascular health and, who are both compliant and  determined not to fall victim to a heart attack as they may have witnessed with many others.

What makes CVRRUSA unique is that it grasps the concepts of lipoproteins and body metabolism and the interworking of the various available medications to achieve maximum risk reduction. It utilizes advanced genetic and lipoprotein parameters which identify accurately all treatable causes of atherosclerosis. It avoids the expensive imaging procedures especially those involving x-rays so as not to expose the population to another disease risk.  It always achieves the risk reduction parameters o at least the best 20% in the nation and most the best 5%.

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The regular lipid panel has been used since the different fractions( LDL, HDL and VLDL) of cholesterol have been separated by precipitation. For the most part the LDL is a calculated parameter and usually not measured. It can be highly inaccurate especially at low values. Over the last 50 years ago, ultracentrifugation, gradient gel electrophoresis and more recently nuclear magnetic resonance have yielded much greater insight into lipoprotein abnormalities.

These tests, not the lipid panel, have explained  the wide disparities in expected outcomes from individuals with varied lipid panels. It has identified that LDL is a continuum of different packets not just the one packet assumed by most. The smaller the LDL and the more packets, the more risky.  The presence of VLDL is easier to appreciate. LPa is much easier to spot.



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