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Although we all have the same basic biochemical reactions, we are not all the same. We are of different shapes, color, sizes, appearances. This is because we have some genes in common and many other different genes. Some of these differences we can see on the surface. Others are much more subtle. Some of us are intolerant of some medications and others with the same medications are without side effects.

Because of these variations, one size does not fit all. Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA tailors its therapy to the genes and their expression. Thus it utilizes advanced lipoprotein and genetic testing to effectively evaluate and then treat to reach its goal. That is the key to the preservation of your cardiovascular health  Contact us.


The regular lipid panel is deeply flawed as a test for risk evaluation. Yet it continues to be used as the standard for identifying those at high risk as well as titrating treatment. It does not identify LPa. It usually does not include VLDL. The triglyceride normal value is much too high. The LDL has more error at low values. The test fails to identify at least 35% of the population at risk for heart attack despite seemingly ideal values.

10 years ago Medicare approved of the advanced lipoprotein, genetic and biochemical testing for Cardiovascular Risk Evaluation. These tests are excellent at identifying those seemingly normal individuals with residual risk. However, there is a learning curve to the interpretation of these tests which requires several years of intense experience and evaluating a large numbers of studies. CVRRUSA has this experience. Contact us.

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