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Within the United States most doctors and insurance companies do not think it is cost-effective economically to attempt to prevent a heart attack overall (i.e. primary prevention). For the individual that is a fallacy. Among others one of the reasons that they think this to be true is because the medications in the United States cost three times that in Canada or in Europe.

With a heart attack or acute coronary syndrome, usually a drug eluting stent is inserted. The drug eluting stent absolutely requires in addition to many new expensive medications one medication  that costs four dollars per day and needs to be taken anywhere from one year or for the remainder of one’s life. Many people with drug eluting stents have not been able to afford this medication. Some have  discontinued it and have developed a clot in the stent (subacute thrombosis) and a heart attack. This result is diametrically opposed to the original intention of the stent. This subsequent heart attack secondary to the subacute thrombosis then accelerates into thousands of dollars.

The other alternative for some is an aorta coronary bypass surgery again costing thousands of dollars. Are either of these cost-effective?

Consider the future loss of income, What about the loss of income due to premature death? Some now may lose their job or have to retire. What about the loss of our sense of well being and self confidence? What about the loss of confidence by your peers and family? What about the complications such as congestive heart failure that resulted in a 50% mortality in five years. What about the complications and costs of an internal defibrillator if indicated?

Enough about the affordability of waiting for the first heart attack. Most individuals who have risk factors can be ideally managed for less than $2.00 per day. Less than what many Americans are spending on their vitamins and over-the-counter dietary supplements . Can most of America afford primary prevention? Based on the billions that are spent on over-the-counter supplements the answer is yes. Contact Us.

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