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What is the cardiology of the last 40 to 50 years? Cardiology has made significant advances in the treatment of cardiovascular disease since the first aorto-coronary bypass  done in the 1960s. We now have fantastic imaging modalities along with highly complicated interventional  vascular procedures. However, In the last five years the number of cases of acute coronary disease has risen exponentially from slightly over 600,000 to greater than 1.7 million. This does not include strokes or  peripheral  arterial disease. The bill for this approach is astronomical  and rising rapidly to the level of being unaffordable for most Americans. What is not appreciated is that in recent trials of medical or drug therapy for vascular diseases versus interventional therapy, medical therapy in almost all instances is superior in effectiveness or at least equivalent for cardiovascular  mortality prevention and far less traumatic or expensive. 

The medical therapy in these recent trials is usually lifestyle changes with the addition of a single statin as opposed to the more recent advanced medical regimens which are more effective. Because the present system of Cardiology has been around for 25 to 50 years, I prefer to refer to it as Plain Old Cardiology. Unfortunately, Plain Old Cardiology may be permanently impressed into many of our minds as the best and only treatment that is needed. Nothing  can be further from the truth.

The vascular disease and Cardiology treatment of the future arrived 10 to 15 years ago and appears to have trickled down minimally to the average American. The New Cardiology of the Future goes beyond Plain Old Cardiology. The new Cardiology possesses in addition to the knowledge of the old Cardiology extensive knowledge of our biochemistry, genetics, lipid  and glucose( sugar) metabolism.  It utilizes all the appropriate medications at the proper time and proper doses thereby altering the expression of genes  and transforming elevated and abnormal disease producing lipoproteins (cholesterols)  into ideal non-disease producing lipoproteins.   It is the only therapy proven to prevent heart attacks and strokes and decrease mortality from vascular disease.

Many have already chosen this approach and benefited.  This approach leads to an uneventful, blissful longevity and is infinitely less expensive than Plain Old Cardiology. Which Is Your Choice?