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My clinical experience as a physician started in my third year of medical school in 1963. At that time heart valve surgery was being done but the first aorta coronary bypass surgery was three years into the future. When coronary bypass surgery finally arrived it was done exclusively at academic institutions. Thus I was able to appreciate the natural history of coronary artery disease before coronary artery surgery and coronary interventions (stents, PTCA etc)., something that the young physicians today are unable to experience. During those early years I recognized that some individuals sailed through the acute illness with minimal complications and others had catastrophes. I developed a sense of appreciation of whom to be aggressive with. In the back of my mind was always what would could have have done if I had seen these patients years before to prevent these events. That time is now and is my preferred treatment of individuals ranging in age from 40 to 65 in our present society. Some were best treated if left alone,(treated conservatively), and at that time for the more complicated we could do little.

As the great advances in cardiovascular disease occurred over the next 50 years, naturally we could do more for those people whom we could do little for in the past. Naturally we were all aided by the great advances in echocardiography, nuclear medicine, MRI, and cardiovascular CAT scans as well as CAT scan angiography, heart valve surgery , aorta coronary bypass surgery, all coronary interventions. All these advances are now leveling off and the new frontier is the actual prevention of this disease. The preventive knowledge for most of our patients is here today with our present treatments. If we do not continue to be enthralled with expensive innovation or new expensive drugs, and if we make the treatment of atherosclerosis reasonable, we will defeat the scourge of atherosclerosis. CVRRUSA is doing that today. Contact us for your free cardiovascular risk review.

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