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How much do you spend on your medical insurance premiums per year? Many in their 50s are paying anywhere from $800-$2000 per month which totals to be $9600-$24,000 per year. 

At present the Medicare patient is subsidized by the taxpayers. From the conduct of the president and the Congress, this will be coming to an end within the next five years. Woe unto the baby boomers with their future Medicare program. They are contemplating a $15,000/year voucher which will run out within six months and then leave the elderly to the vagaries of chance. These elderly will certainly not live as long as this past generation.

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Over 65% of all Insurance costs are devoted to cardiovascular disease. Have you noticed the premiums are rising very rapidly. Your co-pays, the deductible, and medication costs are also skyrocketing. Do you think you will be able to afford this in 10 years. I assert that the reason for these increases is that in the last five years our hospital admissions for acute cardiovascular disease has risen from 650,000/year to nearly 2,000,000/year.

65% of $9600 and $24,000 yearly is $6240 and $15,650 per year respectively for cardiovascular disease.  What will it be a year from now, 10 years from now? Is a one time fee of $2000 for a lifetime of avoidance of Cardiovascular disease cost-effective? You decide for yourself. In this country there is a virtually ineffective preventive cardiovascular disease strategy. There is no proactive preventive component to our strategy.

For those 40-year-olds a proactive insurance policy can be had for $50 per year for equal longevity  to the  present elderly. For the 60-year-old it would cost $100 per year. Now that is value.