Good Morning Dr. Carida,

I heard from the LPL Insurance team yesterday and they are still rating Frank a level 4.  He was a level 6 prior to the stress test.  Still being considered a very high risk for insurance. 


They have requested  your letter. 


Here are the two people to send the letter to:



Frank and I dearly appreciate your help. thank you so much!


Dear Mr. K_____ O____

I have been requested by Mr &. Mrs. B_____   to provide a letter to you elucidating Mr. B_____’s medical history.

Mr. B_____,  presently 51, at the age of 33, although athletic, lean and possessing a very acceptable cholesterol levels, developed symptomatic coronary artery disease. He then had a two-year odyssey through our medical system, which almost destroyed his life as well as his family   Mr. B_____    had several early undiagnosed genetic abnormalities which could have been and finally were identified and corrected by the addition of just one medication.

Mr. B_____  , during his initial two years of disease presentation,was offered multiple interventional procedures almost all of which were not successful. One of these interventional procedures was a subsequently discredited procedure called DCA( Directional Coronary Atherectomy) which actually damaged his left anterior descending coronary artery and then required coronary artery bypass surgery utilizing a left internal mammary artery implant(LIMA). Mr B_____   would have been better off with Plain Old Balloon Angioplasty.

Mr. B_____    was fortunate in that he had only a LIMA and the cardiac surgeon did not attempt to bypass other coronary arteries using vein grafts. The LIMA graft will last a lifetime; however, the vein grafts, thankfully never done, would have degenerated anywhere within 5 to 10 years.

The fact that Mr B----- has been able to compete in marathons indicates that he has a very superior cardiovascular system. His performance on his recent echo stress test is rivaled by only one other individual in my 40 year career as a cardiologist. Mr. B_____    could have gone for hours if it were not for the restraints on my time and the increasing resistance of the recliner bike protocol.

The fact that Mr. B_____    has been able to run numerous marathons post bypass surgery attests to the intactness of his LIMA graft.

His greater than 15 years of non recurrence of symptoms indicates that all of his previous vulnerable plaque has been stabilized or eradicated. With his risk factors having been lowered into the best 1% over the last 15 years, further disease has been most assuredly prevented.

Sincerely yours,

Robert V Carida Sr M. D.,FEACC, Diplomate of the America Board of Clinical Lipidology, Board-Certified Adult Echocardiography