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The cost in the 1980s of the early moderately effective Statins was around $150 per month. Today the pharmacy cost of the new more effective statins is the same. These medications were originally targeted at those people who had already had an heart attack or equivalent  and is known as secondary prevention. It was only 25 to 33% effective at reducing the second heart attack. Naturally for someone who's never had a heart attack those medication rates are expensive. Except for a those with a strong family history  these costs would be prohibitive.

Consequently our system waits for someone to have their first heart attack before instituting treatment. 33 to 50% of first heart attacks die instantly.Most who had their first heart attack already had 80 to 90% of their artery reserve compromised before that event. Their arteries are laden with cholesterol lakes and calcified inflamed arterial walls that are stiffened and as a result blood pressure is raised and causes adverse effects on the heart resulting in reduced longevity.

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If this disease could be prevented early on naturally there would be increased longevity for most. This is called primary prevention. If the medication costs could be a fraction of the minimally effective Statins of years ago, then primary prevention would be feasible. Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA has made primary prevention feasible. Contact Us.

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