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The vast majority of the coronary artery disease in the United States is due to the atherogenic lipoprotein profile and has  highly variable values of total and LDL cholesterol. LPa is present in 33% of these cases. The Familial Hyperlipidemia is a very infrequent cause for heart attacks in the population but not for the individual who posesses that gene. Many apparently normal people are converted to the atherogenic lipoprotein profile when they gain as little as 5 pounds, which is then can be recognized as the metabolic syndrome.

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    •High Total Cholesterol
    •High LDL(Bad) Cholesterol
    •Low HDL(Good) Cholesterol 
    •High Triglycerides 
    •High VLDL
    •Metabolic Syndrome
    •Hypertension( High Blood Pressure)
    •Exogenous obesity
    •Diabetes Mellitus
    •Family History 

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There are other infrequent genetic abnormalities which can be discovered through the genome project(decode). However, if the treatment for these problems is lacking, doing these tests is inconsequential and superfluous unless there is a need to know by the patient.

If you have the metabolic syndrome or the atherogenic lipoprotein profile, despite what your genome shows you are at considerable risk for coronary atherosclerosis. If you have the atherogenic lipoprotein profile, the treatment is inexpensive and certainly no more than what is being spent on over-the-counter dietary supplements. This treatment will have a substantial decrease in the incidence of adverse events in the individual and the population. Most middle-aged adults have this condition. This condition may and may not be associated with impaired fasting glucose, prediabetes or diabetes. Contact us today to ascertain your cardiovascular risk.

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