Within the past three months a member of my community expressed his feelings about his recent coronary stent placement or interventional cardiology.. He was under the care of a physician and then started experiencing shortness of breath with exertion which for him was an angina variant. Feeling that this physician had not done right by him and allowed him to develop coronary atherosclerosis, he then fired his doctor. His case was very similar to that of Pres. Joan George Bush. I wonder if George Bush fired his physicians.

Nonetheless, he and Mr. Bush were lucky, compared to David Frost, James Gandolfini and Tim Russert and the millions who have died over the last 10 to 13 years from heart attacks or coronary atherosclerosis. Somehow our population has been conditioned to accept this epidemic of advancing and advanced development of atherosclerosis as natural and inevitable. Those who are accepting of this concept are for the most part are destined to be in the above group.