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Message from the  Medical Director, Robert V. Carida Sr. FEACC, ABCL

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Like many of you I have lived with several conditions that could have been prevented and some that were prevented. My father lived to 93 and my mother one month short of 90. I naturally thought I would emulate them. Although as a young adult, I was athletic and participated in football and track, as a physician I could not always maintain that activity level. I unwittingly developed genetic osteoporosis, which men is not supposed to occur in men, absolutely not true, and then fractured my hip. This event was an eye-opener in that it made me realize not only was I was deluding myself(wishful thinking or denial similar to most people) but I was misinformed in the area of rheumatology despite my medical degrees and years of training and practice. Of those who have hip fractures, one third die, one third never walk again and only one third will return to walking. In reality took me 2 to 3 years to completely recover my stamina. However, I will never run again nor should I in view of my osteoporosis.

When I questioned my Rheumatologist, it became apparent to me that he knew the necessary facts but was handcuffed by our system. No one would believe him if he told all because that was not part of the common knowledge which appears to be the standard for science in this country today. Medicare was still denying bone mineral density tests on me after I had a documented hip fracture secondary to osteoporosis.

because I was a male. They would never have reimbursed for it prior to my hip fracture.

During my hip hospitalization, an abdominal x-ray showed that I had early mild aortic atherosclerosis. It was only two years prior that I had applied the atherosclerosis knowledge I had learned over my lifetime to myself. Prior to that I was developing atherosclerosis like most  and commensurate with my risk factors which according to my family history was good. I had obtained advanced lipid testing and although the lipid panel appeared to be average for the nation, not really by advanced lipid tests( 80th percentile) it was far from the one billion people in the world who never get this disease. A few minor medications sufficed to lower my risk substantially.

For five years I did extremely well, then one of my advanced lipid analysis returned with the same cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides values as previously but with a significant increase in my risk for cardiovascular events. Like many of my patients and some of my friends I had become a moving target. My lipoproteins changed despite my cholesterol values remaining similar. As with many of my patients, I knew the proper adjustments and they were accomplished. My risk is now down again to the bottom 2% of the nation. However, one of my clients who was always reluctant about taking medications and would prefer to use standard methods such as diet and exercise remains in the high risk group.

I want to spread the word about Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA and share my knowledge and experiences with potential heart attack patients all over this country. Whether you live in sunny California or Florida or the deserts of our Southwest, the Midwest, the Mountain states, New England, the East Coast, the South, or the Northwest, it is the time to be exposed to the future treatment of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease and the prevention of its complications.

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