How good was our medical insurance industry?

Since I have been charging a one time flat fee for my services and for sometime and have not filed minimal insurance claims, I have been somewhat out of the insurance loop. The other day at my son’s office I overheard various insurance policies being discussed. Up until five years ago insurance premiums had been raised to what I consider outrageous levels ranging from $1000 to $2000 per month, totaling 12,000 to $24,000 per year. 25 to 40% of the discussed premium is allocated to profit by the insurance company. These premiums were well outside the reach of most Americans and was the reason there were 48 million uninsured. Now we have Obamacare which is another boon for the medical insurance industries which is hoped to lower substantially insurance premiums, that remains to be seen. It will increase the number covered. However the affordability of the premiums by the previously uninsured or their employers comes into question.

Gradually over the years medical insurance companies have raised the co-pay almost to the level of an office visit, which means in reality the cost of the visit has been shifted almost completely back to the patient. The same insurance companies do their best and are adept at denying diagnostic services thereby increasing the risk for an untoward event should the patient not be able to afford the test and placing almost all of the legal responsibility almost completely upon the physician.

Now the deductible is being raised out of sight to levels of $5000 per year and if you are not able to pay that $5000, your insurance policy may not my cover the expenses over $5000 i.e. you have no coverage. The previous standard medical insurance policies are now being converted to a catastrophic insurance policy

Most people never spend $5000 per year on medical needs yet they are donating to the insurance companies premiums in the range of $1000-$2000 per month or $12,000-$4000 per year for potentially nothing, As a result of the large deductible preventive medicine as appreciated by the general population and if it ever really existed most of us has been shifted to the patient’ pocketbook

60 to 65% of hospitalizations and total medical events can be avoided for as little as three dollars per day when a one time evaluation and treatment plan is instituted, which is a mere fraction of one’s yearly medical insurance premium. Yet Americans are more than willing to pay today’s outrageous medical insurance premiums and balk at spending beyond their medical insurance premium because of a mistaken belief that that is the reason they purchased medical insurance. By raising the deductible to higher levels, the medical insurance companies have adroitly shifted any preventive medicine back to the patient.

Were we being fleeced? Should we wake up?

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