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How does Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA differ from the standard preventive cardiovascular medicine?

With regard to heart attack prevention Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA functions at level V (Five levels of Heart Attack Prevention). Almost all providers function at level I (the present National standard).  Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA relies on Advanced Lipid Analysis not the standard cholesterol tests. Jim Fixx wrote a book about exercise and healthy lifestyles yet while running succumbed to cardiovascular disease.  Why? He really did not have the preferable genes expressing the ideal lipoproteins(cholesterol to you) for the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Simply his genes were producing bad lipoproteins and his lifestyle did little to change them. Why was this not detected? His providers as with  The First Successful Treatment of Heart Attack Prevention by Tele-Cardiology and Tim Russert were using  the standard lipid panel and LDL, an outdated and incomplete measurement of cardiac risk.  Is your provider also using only the lipid panel?  Comparison of Standard Cholesterol  Panel to Advanced Lipoprotein Analysis  We order the standard lipid panel only because the client most times asks. For real accuracy it is hardly ever a consideration. Do you find this difficult to believe? Here Is Confirmation.

Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA’s treatment is tailored to the individual. Our treatment goal is and has been for over 10 years the eradication of Residual Risk( i.e. for all to be at least the best 20%), Heart Atack Prevention: The Way It Should Be. Residual risk is the risk that still exists and causes heart attacks after the National Cholesterol Education Panel’s present standard goals are achieved.  Residual risk (What is Residual Heart Attack Risk?) is the cause for the 75% of the unexpected heart attacks in patients already on statins and a healthy lifestyle who were thought to be safe yet only experienced a 25% heart attack reduction rate.

The assumption made by many is that if you exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet and maintain ideal body weight that you will be free of cardiovascular disease is unfortunately not true. I agree we all should be following a healthy lifestyle. However, most of us are not really consistent about an absolutely healthy lifestyle. Of the small percentage that are consistent, I have still seen individuals succumb to heart attacks. As an example is this video Sometimes Better Cholesterol Is Actually Worse.  Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA does not rely solely on diet, weight control or exercise because these contribute only an 8 to 10% reduction in cardiovascular risk. Those who respond well to diet may have other serious issues. I do not mean to disparage healthy lifestyle but its heart attack risk reduction is limited and just not good enough. Although healthy lifestyle people certainly have a mild to moderate advantage over those with a poor lifestyle and diet, Lifestyle hardly ever changes one’s ideal lipoproteins(cholesterol to you) to the best 20%. Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA excels at attaining this goal. An example would be What is This Man’s Cholesterol?. Most heart attack risk depends upon the type of lipoproteins( Cholesterol to you) that our genes produce.


We do not dismiss the ideal body weight person as safe from a heart attack. Over my greater than 35 years as a cardiologist, I have seen a big discrepancy between my observations and the emphasis on obesity and diabetes insinuated by many academic institutions and our news media that overweight and obese are the only vulnerable people, My experience, contrary to popular opinion, is that people who suddenly die or have a heart attack almost 40% have ideal body weight or are exercise fanatics. In reality heart attack is not limited to the overweight or obese persons. This video Why did I have a Heart Attack? is an example. This misconception is discussed incessantly at all kinds of social gatherings. My experience, contrary to common belief, is that all kinds, shapes and sizes of people have heart attacks. The overweight and obese are far from alone as victims. 

In the lower right corner is a video of someone who experienced it all, almost all bad. 15 years ago this then 34-year-old gentleman despite ideal body weight, being able to run marathons and whose total cholesterols were between 140 to 170, developed "Angina". After two years of multiple coronary interventions at the best institutions around the country, he was advised he had "run away heart disease" and nothing more could be done. He and his wife with several children including a one-year-old baby then lost all hope. When strict therapeutic lifestyles did not succeed, Dr. Dean Ornish then connected the patient to a heart attack prevention lipid specialist located 3000 miles away. After advanced blood analysis and following recommendations, the patient has since lived totally event free and has seen his children grow into fine adults. All this occurred because a far away lipid specialist knew that in the vast majority of people, genes and their expression determines most heart attack risk.

The irony of the situation was that despite this lipid specialist pioneer never having seen this individual, this physician had the most significant impact on his life. Only one medication made the difference. If this was accomplished in 1997, why cannot it be accomplished today? It has been accomplished many times by Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA.


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