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We all need medical insurance for unforseen illnesses such as infections, accidents, cancer etc. Consider CVRRUSA as a proactive cardiovascular insurance . It will insure you a 90% decrease in your risk for developing cardiovascular disease secondary to atherosclerosis.

It is a exceptional value and bargain which can allow you to manage your insurance choices to the least possible cost. Rather than do nothing until you have your first heart attack which is the approach of our insurance companies today, CVRRUSA recommends preventing the first heart attack. Sign up  for your Free CV Review

Each of us at any age has an expected longevity. If your expected longevity is 20 years or more, with CVRRUSA the cost is less than $100 per year for Atherosclerotic Heart Disease and its complications,  which is well over 65% of the costs of all diseases.

Let us consider the average costs per year for a Medicare patient. The premium supported by tax dollars is about $100/month and the secondary if you are healthy is around $300/month up to $1000 for the significant preconditions The total can be $4,500 to $13,000 dollars/ year compared to less than $100/year with CVRRUSA for prevention of what could be well over 65% of your probable medical expenses. This excludes the Medicare part D. drug plan.

For commercial insurance , the figures are not much different. Over the years I have seen many people drained of there savings by this system before they finally became ill. Compare the $2.00/day usual drug costs plus the less than $100/year  to the  hundreds and thousands of dollars per year you are now and will be paying in the future to your insurance companies. In addition today in our society if in the likely event you should lose your job or suffer a significant decline in income, you would be left with no insurance and no years of prevention. The alternative is to start to preserve your longevity today. Contact us.

The insurance companies today are shifting many costs back to the insured, which means in the future we will  be receiving less value for our dollar. CVRRUSA is a bargain and in our opinion will be the wave of the future.

Calculate your expected longevity from these life expectancy tables and observe the cost per year to lower your risk as much as possible with respect to atherosclerosis and its complications. Contact us today for your free Cardiovascular Review.

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