The main thrust of this website is that heart attacks and Atherosclerosis is secondary to a biochemical disorder that can be prevented by altering undesirable gene expression preferably early in life but certainly effective even after heart attacks or Atherosclerosis manifests itself.

Medical trials have already established that Heart attacks and other vascular events are not prevented by our present very expensive physiologic solution i.e. aortocoronary or vascular bypass surgery or coronary and vascular interventions. These procedures may improve symptoms or interrupt an ongoing vascular event but they do not prevent future heart attacks or atherosclerosis progression.

Then why is it that Americans are under the impression that these interventions save lives or are curative? The explanation is called advertising. Most advertising is geared to sell a product whether it is misleading or absolutely false and unfortunately for most of the nearly 1 million/ year heart attacks is only realized later when it is too late.