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Question: My cardiologist told me that all I have to do to prevent a heart attack is to eat properly, maintain my weight and exercise. Then why do I need CVRRUSA to prevent heart attacks.

Answer: There are 16,000 to 17,000 cardiologists in the country. They are extremely busy taking care of acute emergencies. Hospitals and vendors are making a small fortune off these acute emergencies.

There are approximately 500 physicians in the country with  some demonstrated expertise in the understanding of the biochemistry and metabolism of lipoproteins. Of these 122 are cardiologists. Is your cardiologist one of these 122.  These 500 physicians and 122 cardiologists  should be legally obligated to treat risk factors to a much higher National Standard. They are not. However, a percentage do.Their patients are lucky.

The non-certified physicians and cardiologists in the area of cholesterol  metabolism are only required legally to practice the local community standard with regard to risk reduction. If your cardiologist informs you that all you need to do  are lifestyle changes for risk prevention, he  is legally practicing the local community standard(Plain Old Cardiology). That standard was not sufficient for most of the patients discussed in our Webinars and is not sufficient for most of the yearly 1.73 million heart attacks or acute coronary syndromes and not sufficient for most of the other acutely treated cardiovascular disease complications presently occurring in your local hospitals and in the hospitals throughout the United States and numbering 2 million per year. Many of us are one step away from one of those 1.73 to two million.

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