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Many people are unaware that the legal standard of the practice of medicine for most physicians in a community is the local community standard. The legal standard is what most physicians in that community would do for a same problem. As a result the legal standard is different for each and every community. As an example a Family Practitioner or Internist who are  board-certified in their specialty are obligated only to practice cardiology at the level of their community standard. A Cardiologist who is board certified is legally obligated to practice at a national uniform standard. The same applies to any board certified specialist but not cardiovascular risk reduction.

If an individual is treated at the local community standard for a heart attack and then discovers that there was a higher standard and no board certified cardiologist was involved, his or her physician was only legally bound to the community standard, The individual would not be successful for redress in a court of law. It is much wiser to seek physicians that are legally bound to the higher national standard. However, with regard to cardiovascular risk reduction the highest standard is not legally obligated but should be sought the same.

The pharmaceutical companies in order to maximize the sale of their drugs would have you believe that for lowering heart attack risk all one had to do would be to use the maximum tolerated dose of their drug as well as so-called proper diet and weight  control which is  probably inadequate even if it could be implemented. What is not well appreciated is that  all statins, no matter what their dose only reduce the risk of a heart attack by 25 to 30%. That is not good enough for CVRRUSA who attempts to set a new national standard of a much greater reduction in risk for heart attack.

Cardiovascular risk reduction USA's treatment plan takes into consideration the individual metabolism of each individual and individualizes treatment with substantial risk reduction.

Take the advice of a Cardiologist, It is far better to have never had a heart attack. Prevention of the first heart attack will be the standard  of the future in order to maintain longevity in a world with diminishing medical resources. Contact us

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