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At the present time we have been conditioned to the present medical delivery system of the United States. We spend huge amounts of money insuring that if we become ill we will be properly taken care. We pay lip service to prevention. We have been conditioned to think that all we have to do for atherosclerosis prevention is exercise and keep our weight down. Unfortunately, this is not true for most of us. It requires steep decreases in America’s Lipoproteins parameters, like 45 to 65 %, to significantly impact the vast majority of heart attacks in the United States.

Recently the insurance companies have been raising deductibles, co-pays, and the premiums. You are now paying for most of your care outside of the hospital. Most still feel that your insurance company should be paying for this, but they are not. Soon they may start denying services within the hospital and that is when real problems start for us.

Atherosclerotic heart disease accounts for 60 to 65% of the costs of our total medical care system. Although some of my most learned peers feel that this disease is totally preventable, it is my opinion that it is 90% preventable based on our present information.

In many ways we are penny wise and dollar foolish.The aspirations of ourselves and family would be better appreciated if we directed some of our insurance premiums toward the prevention of atherosclerotic heart disease. We already spend billions of dollars on over-the-counter dietary supplements none of which have been required to be proven to be effective. The effective treatment of most  dyslipidemias and hyperlipoproteinemia( high Cholesterol Condtions) has been available since the mid-1980s and today costs  less than a $2.00 per day. CVRRUSA has this knowledge and is prepared to maintain your present longevity at very reasonable costs over your lifetime. Please contact us.

We are 5 to 7% of the worlds population and yet we do 50% of the interventional and cardiac surgery procedures in the world. Yet the most of the developed world has better outcomes for atherosclerotic heart disease. Do we really have a better medical care delivery system or one more profitable for various vested interests. Even our longevity(38th in the world) lags behind almost most all European countries except for those of the undeveloped world. Unfortunately, these facts are not well appreciated by most Americans.

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