Risk Assessment

There are three types of cardiovascular risk: Obvious, Hidden and Residual.

In our lifetime 75 to 80% of our population are destined to suffer or die from cardiovascular disease. Among those are individuals whose standard lipid tests cholesterol(lipoprotein)levels indicate they are in the top 20%. These are the obvious risk individuals.

Another segment, the largest by far 60%, have normal appearing standard lipid tests but very high lifetime risk. These are the hidden risk individuals.

The last group residual risk are those people who are being treated before or after an event(primary or secondary prevention), appear to have reached  established goals but still continue to have moderate to very high risk, which is only discernible with advanced lipid tests and treatable by skilled physicians.

The last two groups are the cause for the vast majority of surprise heart attacks and strokes that occur in our society.

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