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Everyone knows that high cholesterol causes heart attacks. The higher your cholesterol is relative to someone else the greater is your heart attack risk.

Not necessarily true. The most common cholesterol in those people with their first heart attack is 206, just 6 points above 200 who supposedly do not have risk. Guess what, 35% of the heart attacks occur in those who have a cholesterol between 150 and 200. For those between 150 and 200, 20 out of 100, 1 in 5 adults, will have a heart attack within 26 years or much sooner. This information has been known since the 1980s and is derived from the famous Framingham Heart Study. If you happen to be one of those 20 in 100 with a cholesterol below 200 and had a heart attack, your risk was not 20% but 100%. There are other unrecognized(hidden)parameters that explain the greater risk.

The issue of cholesterol is much more complicated than the layman’s “common knowledge”. As an experienced cardiologist, I have had the fortune of being exposed to many people with this problem as well as the medical literature. Those who choose Plain Old Cardiology of yesterday and today are destined to be one of tomorrow’s cardiovascular disease hospital admission statistics, which has tripled to nearly 2 million/year over the last five years.

In the future this blog will present a series of discussions with illustrative case as examples, which will allow you to better understand how this disease behaves and to govern yourself in a more intelligent fashion. If you follow this blog, you will find that many of your misconceptions will be altered possibly for your future benefit.

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