Male Sexual Impotence & Atherosclerosis


Many years ago I was trying to get the attention of an individual about the benefits for prevention of heart attacks and atherosclerosis. He was quite indifferent until I mentioned that atherosclerosis was the most common cause for sexually impotency in men and it’s appearance was a harbinger for heart attacks. He admitted that sexual impotency was more unacceptable than having a heart attack but was still resistant to treating his grossly abnormal risk factors. Many physicians and even academic urologists have been stunned to learn this fact.

Recently a near 80 individual who “missed Woody” and had grossly abnormal risk factors asked if he could be helped. Too late, the damage was done to the organ over the years and unfortunately with the state of our knowledge during his life could not have been averted. Sometimes the purple pill helps for a little while but even it will succumb when the endothelial lining of Woody becomes sufficiently damaged and scarred.

Recently an individual worth millions related to me that his life was about  making money and having sex. He had had a coronary stent placed in the past and was surprised that atherosclerosis which prompted his stent could affect his sex life. However, He considered the cost of a consultation which was double that of the regular allowed insurance consultation as too expensive. As a businessman the best price was most paramount, but it may not be the best value, There was also an element of wishful thinking on his part when he misheard  that Statins reduce heart attack rate by 3 in 4 when it is actually 1 in 4 or only 25%. Thus people destined to have a heart attack and are given a Statin, 3 of 4 will still have a heart attack. Would you gamble your life for those numbers? Not me!


Male Sexual Impotency, Harbinger of a Heart Attack and Vice Versa