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Jerry G   After having normal a cholesterol all my life, I developed a cholesterol of over 600. My triglycerides were over 6000 and HDL between 15 and 27. I was medicated without any significant change. Before vacationing in Florida I was referred to Dr.Carida by my northeast physicians. Upon seeing me he immediately treated me with fish oils which lowered my triglycerides to 400. He discovered that I had gravel or a stone in the tube that drains my liver. I underwent a procedure which removed the gravel and my cholesterol and triglycerides then fell to my normal levels.

FB    As a 57-year-old woman I had developed high cholesterol in the 240s with high triglycerides. I thought that proper diet would return them to normal. It did not. I was then placed on a statin as well as niacin. After six months my cholesterol and triglycerides were slightly worse. CVRRUSA immediately knew how to correct the situation. My total cholesterol is now 120 and triglycerides are 70.

Angelo F   For 25 years my cholesterol was well over 300. Heavy workouts for long periods of time had no effect. Lipitor caused me to ache all over. I then had chest pain and a stress test which was negative. I signed up with CVRRUSA. I was placed on a different statin. Within six months my total cholesterol was 120. However, the aches returned. A minor adjustment in the statin and the aches were gone without any change in my cholesterol.

Barbara G

Lois C   For 25 years my cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides were horrible and I had the very high risk of a person in the top of the top 1% of the population.  When I moved to Florida 6 to 7 years ago at the age of 55, I was referred to CVRRUSA. Since then my cholesterol and risk is and has been in the bottom 2% of the nation. Thank God!

Les S   I was 49 years old and in the healthcare business when I had a heart attack. I had multiple stents placed. I had a previous history of high cholesterol. After the heart attack I was prescribed 80 mg of Zocor. I was recommended to a Dr. Carida by a salesperson from a stent company. I elected to first see the father who specialized in  cholesterol in addition to cardiology. My blood tests showed I had multiple hidden abnormalities and that I was still at high risk despite a total cholesterol of 144 and LDL of 92. One year later my total cholesterol was 130 and my LDL was 56. My advanced lipid tests showed that I was in the bottom 1 to 2% with regard to heart risk

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