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Barbara G  In early 2001 my total cholesterol was 270 with LDL of 179. Today my total cholesterol is 148 with an LDL cholesterol of 55. My advanced panel tests show that I have the lowest risk possible. I have recommended many patients to Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA.

Mario B

David H

Steven W

Robin W   My husband demanded that I see Cardiovascular Risk Reduction USA because I had a large cholesterol plaque in my carotid artery despite a HDL cholesterol of 105. It was discovered that I had other unknown risk factors. I was placed on the only medication that is known to reduce cholesterol plaque in the carotid arteries. Six months later the cholesterol plaque could no longer be seen., I am a "happy camper"

Galui G

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Vince C   By my late 40s  I had gained a great deal of weight in addition to developing high blood pressure. When I was first seen by CVRRUSA, my cholesterol was 212 and my systolic blood pressure was over 200. My advanced lipid analysis showed that I was in the top 10% for risk of a heart attack. One blood pressure medicine and my blood pressure returned to normal. One year later I was in the bottom 5% for heart risk.

Len C I had high cholesterol for most of my adult life for which I was greatly concerned. I moved to Florida at the age of 64 and found out about CVRRUSA. I had a stress test which was negative. My total cholesterol was 240 with an LDL of 160. Subsequently I then had a CAT scan of the chest for other reasons which showed a lot of calcium in my coronary arteries. With the first medication my total cholesterol went up and I was concerned. I was reassured that although the number increased, I had really improved. With further treatment my total cholesterol was 135 with an LDL cholesterol of 65. Over the last six years the lining of my carotid arteries became thinner. I am very happy.

Angelo  D   I had a total cholesterol of 150 even though I was overweight. I thought I was safe. Then I developed chest pain and had to have a stent. I was then referred to CVRRUSA by a friend. Despite my total cholesterol of 150, I was at high risk with an HDL of 26. Today six years later my total cholesterol is 123 with an LDL and HDL of 55. Since then I have had no recurrences.

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