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High Total Cholesterol

What Is Total Cholesterol

I have observed individuals with a total cholesterol of 220 with no risk, average risk, and high risk. Today many think that a cholesterol  below 200 is considered safe. That concept is a carryover from 1980s. That was based on the incomplete knowledge of the 1980s. In fact 20 years prior to that a total cholesterol of 300 was considered normal. There are individuals with a total cholesterol of 150 who still have high risk.

Many people fail to recognize that   HDL is part of total cholesterol. High HDL raises your total cholesterol. The cholesterol amount associated with triglycerides is usually about 20% of its value

•High Total Cholesterol

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CVRRUSA does not rely on total cholesterol. The test is deceiving especially if one has elevated LPa.  If one has elevated LPa  the risk is higher than the total cholesterol indicates. LPa is type of LDL that has 10 times more atherogenicity than regular LDL. Advanced genetic and lipoprotein blood tests identify LPa.  The regular lipid panel does not .

Prior to being seen by CVRRUSA, one referred patient could not find another person  who could interpret advanced lipoprotein tests. There are! However, they are relatively rare and are mostly rare academicians or researchers.

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