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VLDL or very low density lipoproteins, if still measurable in the fasting state,indicate a great many atherogenic triglyceride containing lipoproteins that the body's metabolism should have cleared within 6 to 8 hours. This abnormality can be secondary to the adipose tissue inability to store as fat the excessive circulating triglycerides containing lipoproteins with the resultant continued recycling through the liver and the production of a fatty liver. This means that for the full 24 hours previously the arteries have been exposed to an excess of triglyceride laden abnormal lipoproteins. Over time this leads to a rapidly progressive development of atherosclerosis.

Fasting very low density lipoprotein's, VLDL is definitely a disorder of the body's energy metabolism and the inability of the pancreas, liver, and fat tissues to regulate proper carbohydrate and fat metabolism. It has a higher concentration of triglycerides compared to LDL. Usually the increased blood triglycerides need to be well below 70 in order to be assured of no significant increase in VLDL. A more informative test would be to measure the lipid panel approximately 6 hours after eating rather than the 12 to 15 hours fast usually requested. Many people who were normal at the 12th of 15 hour fast have a grossly abnormal level of triglycerides at the 6 to 8 hour.. VLDL is not usually part of the lipid panel. Advanced lipid blood tests and genetic tests are far superior.

CHylomicron remnants are partially broken down chylomicrons( triglyceride laden fats absorbed from the intestine  that are from digestion). Chylomicron remnants are  in short-lived in most. If they remain in the bloodstream for a prolonged period, they can become a problem. VLDL is a risky atherogenic lipoprotein  with large amounts of triglyceride and smaller amounts of cholesterol compared to LDL. You can have many of these packets with a low total cholesterol. Usually the triglycerides are above 150 but many times they are less than 150, which is considered to be the normal forIf the standard lipid panel. They are associated with significant risk. In order to be assured of a low VLDL level one has to have a triglyceride level substantially less than 70.

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