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If you are one of the 65 to 80% of our population who in your lifetime will suffer from vascular disease or one of the 1.73 million people yearly in the United States destined to suffer a heart attack or acute coronary syndrome, the answer to the question “what does CVVRRUSA cost” ispriceless”.

Nevertheless, CVRRUSA’s plan usually pays for the cost in 12 months by saving on cholesterol medications. Most people when they hear about a new product ask “what does it cost”. Usually if they do not like the price there is no further discussion. The real question is what is the value and how much will you will gain in the short-term and how much  will save in the long-term future. The other important question is what will be your quality of life or will your life suffer should you be one of the  above individuals suffering from cardiovascular disease.

CVRRUSA’s medical drug plan saves almost all comers the amount equivalent to its total fee of $1,999 breaking even usually in 12 months and is a veritable bargain over a lifetime. Thus you have a plan that pays for itself in the  12 months and places you on a platform for the rest of your life to avoid by far the most commonly prevalent disease and cause of death in the United States. CVRRUSA can also save you greatly on other non cardiovascular medications as well.

Further discussion for those interested: If between the age of 34 and 60 you suffer a disabling illness, your life as well as your loved ones falls apart. A small stroke can be disabling as well as a small heart attack in a critical area of the heart. Even if you are not disabled, your employer will view you as less valuable and may attempt to unseat you from his employment. One would have great difficulty in obtaining employment elsewhere. The best alternative is to never have had a cardiac or vascular event. This is priceless and is the greatest of all values.

How much do you pay your insurance company per year to remain insured. Today the average is around $10,000/year, $800/month. I have seen many people's life savings wiped out with this system making them destitute. Total these costs for a lifetime but don't forget the yearly increases that you know will ensue. Also do not forget about the increasing deductibles, co-pays and cost shifting back to the patient. Most cannot and will not be able to accumulate any significant financial resources with this system. Our medical delivery system is geared to avoid insuring the ill, extract as much money as possible from the healthy and then attempt to discard them when they become ill. The moral to the story is preserve your vascular health and never develop symptomatic cardiovascular disease.

For instance as a Medicare patient and taking a sinle Statin usually recommended by most providers usually costs of $120-$150 per month You may pay a fraction of that total cost with a co-pay before a medicare doughnut hole.  However, do not forgot about the monthly premium for that drug plan which is collected whether you take medications or not. In any event add the cost of your co-pay for the statin and the monthly premium for your drug plan and compare with our (CVRRUSA's) cholesterol treatment program. The vast majority of people would pay less than $2,50 per day for prevention and sometimes less than $1.50. That is probably less than the daily average over-the-counter(OTC) medications paid by most Americans. After the first  12 months, CVRRUSA,s program is money in the bank and you will be saving thousands of dollars per year for many to come.