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What is residual risk?

Almost every Statin trial results in the prevention in people who have never had a previous heart attack and those who already have had a heart attack of 25 to 33%.  The other 67 to 75% are said to have residual risk. Residual risk is nothing more than the incomplete treatment of all one's abnormal cholesterol parameters. I have seen many patients with apparently ideal lipid panels have significantly high cardiovascular risk which is well documented on this website. Residual risk is either a failure to appreciate the residual risk or the lack of experience in the ability to eradicate it.

What if you are taking a Statin and were one of these individuals who has an event. You were wasting your money to the tune of $120 to $150 per month. You may say well I only pay one third of that because I have a drug plan with a a co-pay. Do not forget the fixed monthly premium required to enroll. Most of us are in reality paying near the full price or above especially with Medicare part D.

In order to treat residual risk you have to have more than a cookbook mentality. You must understand that although human basic metabolism is very similar, there is significant variation among each individual. What works for one person may not work for another, see first testimonial. Without the appreciation of these facts, residual risk and hospitals busy with coronary artery bypass surgery and interventional cardiology will continue to flourish. With your choice of CVRRUSA you have an alternative that represents the future treatment of vascular disease today.